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Floral print: a versatile textile design classic

A staple of fashion, on the catwalks every season and on our backs too, flower textile prints are a fresh, stylish and fool-proof style choice we are passionate about. Always a positive statement to make, floral print designs exist in every culture, symbolise seduction and bring joy to any outfit.

Allowing endless print pattern possibilities on any medium, floral prints will never go out of style, be it on a trendy summer dress, every fashionista's must-have clothing item, or a shirt, lingerie, as well as trousers accessories and homeware!

At Fleurostar we're experts in the subtle language of flowers and their use in Print:

Young, ditsy florals for a fresh and natural look, or larger flowers and classic rose print designs for a more sophisticated, glamorous outfit, Dolce & Gabbana style. Floral prints can be paired with leopard skin patterns to give a sexy look, or with stripes for a more nautical, preppy outfit.

Floral patterns are kings of occasion wear too, perfectly suited to wedding outfits, opening nights and other dressy celebrations like attending the races like Royal Ascot. Watercolour, hand-painted, even digital or abstract floral designs bring soft elegance to an outfit.

The ultimate symbols of spring, flowers can be worn during autumn and winter too, in warmer shades. Associated with Paisley for a folk, boho look, or added to subtle lacey patterns, floral designs help us transition between seasons. Perfectly adapted to high summer collections, we love a tropical flower print like a hibiscus or bird of paradise design on a bikini or Hawaiian shirt.

In homeware and decoration, floral style is a natural match to every textile, be it classical floral curtains, chintz sofas and armchairs, to wallpaper, rugs and even floral bedlinen. Fundamentally timeless, floral patterns outlive most temporary trends, which is very good news given how pricey furniture and home decor can get!

Ageless floral print

Small, colourful ditsy flowers, in a simple and naive or minimalist handwriting are a perfect addition to a young girl's wardrobe. In our studio, we're also fond of romantic, more mature looking English style florals, reminiscing of William Morris' Arts and Crafts patterns. Botanical, 'horti-cool' style we've seen a lot of recently, can get poetic just like in Laura Ashley's famous romantic floral design style.

Are floral motifs too feminine?

We shouldn't underestimate the power of flowers. Provided you design and style them properly, one can avoid the pitfalls of looking too maid-y or boring wearing flowers. Active, rock'n'roll, and masculine are styles floral print patterns can help you achieve; it's all about colour, scale and shape that combine into giving that edgy look. Digital, photographic flowers are also perfectly suited to menswear textiles.

The past few years have seen the increasing appeal of yoga, 'athleisure' and comfortable clothes taking the centre stage, with more time than ever being spent at home. Active and loungewear is currently the fastest-growing trend in fashion, with many a flower pattern. Floral yet forward, those prints are often abstracts or digital in style.

Floral patterns will be in our wardrobes, homes and accessories for a long time. Lately, the rise of Cottagecore, a traditional, slow-living focused trend and lifestyle, has caused a new boost in sales of liberty-print dresses, clothes and home soft furnishings. Safe to say floral print patterns are here to stay.



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