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  • Can you make a new print for me?
    Yes, we're open to commissions! Please get in touch with your inspiration and images, so we can create the brand new design you want. We will show you a first draft in just a couple of days, and you do not have to buy it if you don't like it.
  • I like a print, but can you modify it?
    Yes, we can change the colour of a print, add an element (like your logo) or remove one. We can also change the scale (how spaced up the elements are) and the file or image size. For free! Just make sure to write in it the notes when placing your order.
  • Do you send swatches and samples?
    Yes, you can ask to receive the paper or fabric swatch of a print you would like to purchase. Just mention it in the notes section of your basket and we will send them over to your address.
  • If I buy a print, will you sell it to someone else?
    No, all our prints are exclusive. This means that you own the copyrights when you buy a design, and that the print disappears from the website automatically.
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